Beach, Sea, & Ocean

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of gentle waves lapping at the shores of a peaceful, sandy beach. I just felt my heart rate drop in the most relaxing way — how about you? Let’s bring that sensation to our crafting, shall we? Our collection of Beach Stamps, Sea Stamps, and Ocean Stamps is an ideal starting point.

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Whether your preference is lounging on a towel, basking in the rays of a warming sun or digging in the sand filling buckets, building castles, and digging moats, we’ve got you covered. Our collection of beach, sea, and ocean stamps features beloved characters from our Pure Innocence line, the usual beach dwellers like seagulls, turtles, and crabs, and unexpected but most certainly welcome beach-loving friends of the penguin and bunny variety! And no beach scene would be complete without an enchanting hula girl.


If the deep sea is more your thing, take a dive into the vast array of undersea creatures you’ll encounter in our selection of beach, sea, and ocean stamps. Whales, octopi, squid, and otters are just a few of the water-dwelling friends you’ll meet. We also have an abundance of seaweed, underwater flora, and bubble and wave images to create an enticing environment for your captivating creatures.


Oh, and did we happen to mention there are mermaids?


While there is an abundance of images you’ll love to color with your go-to markers, pencils, and watercolors, we’ve also included a number of multi-step solid images that allow you to achieve colorful creatures with stamping alone — perfect for those instances when you’re short on time but long on creativity!


Scenes featuring beach, sea, and ocean stamps provide an excellent opportunity for flexing your creative muscles. The implied movement of a water scene makes shakers natural elements to incorporate into your designs. Fill your shakers with sparkling sequins and confetti to mimic bubbles and small fishy die cuts to create an undulating school of fish! The water theme also presents a great chance for playing with texture. The sandy beach, the crashing waves…why not pull out a favorite texture medium to re-create those unforgettable sensations on your cards?


If you’re one of those people that get a bit squeamish about the deep, unknown, dark blue depths of the ocean, our collection of beach, sea, and ocean stamps offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate the extravagantly beautiful excesses of the sea without even dipping your toe into the cold and salty waters. Dive in.


And hey, don’t forget the mermaids!


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